We like to make unreasonably good beer.

The Brewery

Our craft brewery is where the magic happens.  Hops, Barley, Water, and Yeast make great craft beer.  That’s really all you need.  Our brewers started out as homebrewers, playing with ingredients, and learning which tastes we love.  We use our skills and creativity to create unique, or just exemplary beers, that may not fit any particular style category but are always unreasonably good.  Or really as we say in the brewery, we make unreasonably good wort and let the yeast do the rest.

The Taproom

Visit the tap room for the opportunity to try our largest selection of beers.  It’s a constantly rotating lineup on some of the taps, featuring unique beers only found in the tap room.  On other taps you will find our mainstays and seasonals straight from the source.  We open a cask, serve through a randall, or do SMASH beers now and then for some unique experiences only available at the brewery.  The taproom began with approximately 1200 feet of indoor space and now also features a massive 4000 square foot patio (including an outdoor stage).  We feature live music two nights per week from one-of-a-kind local musicians and bands.  The taproom is open seven nights a week.